Many have been following Theo Brun's slow trajectory across China as he continues on his bike ride from Hong Kong to the UK. He has now reached Urumqi in the province of Xinjiang where he is taking a few days rest (and awaiting the issue of a Kazakh visa) before continuing on towards Kashgar and then into the "Stans".

Theo is raising financial support for two different causes, with a clear target for one of them - HMCRT. He has already, on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Harry’s death on 19th May, raised over £3,500 in a joint effort with Nick Norgate (see Nick's event details below). We are looking to make up the remaining £4,500 as soon as possible so Enzo and his team can begin using the "Countess". Any surplus funds will be used to buy the extras needed to keep the machine running.

You can read a little more about this appeal and what Theo wrote last December.

Theo wishes us all the very best from (apparently) the centre of Central Asia! But thanks to his Iphone he can track your kind donations daily. Amazing modern technology!

Harry was one of Theo's coaches during his years rowing at Cambridge and was an inspiration to him both on and off the water. Download printable PDF forms for mail-in donations (UK and US only)