Theo's return prompted some serious donations so that the SIXTH revised target for 2011 was a staggering £30,000. £7,500 has already been spent on the CONTESSA BLOOD CELL COUNTER which means that a massive £22,500 was sent on January 30th 2012 to get Enzo's team starting working on the NANOSTRING project at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

TOBY WALLACE (CUBC 1997-1999) is rowing in an 8 across the Atlantic in February and aiming to beat the existing record. He too will be raising funds for his mentor, Harry Mahon, who took him from Novice to a win in Goldie in 1997 and on to winning Blues in 1998 and 1999. He rowed 5 seat in the record-breaking 1998 crew so that is a good omen for success! Support Toby and donate now.