2011 is proving to be a landmark year for the HMCRT which has raised more than double its initial fundraising target now counting in excess of £18,000 in donations. This is wonderful, in particular as it is the 10th anniversary of Harry's passing and recognition of the support of many people over the last decade who have committed to back Harry's wish for ongoing cutting-edge advanced research in cancer treatments. The Harry Mahon Cancer Research Trust's Donald Legget recently reviewed the Trust's work and direction in an interview with Radio New Zealand - listen here:

This year's major initiatives have included: CUBC-alum and Harry Mahon pupil Theo Brun's trans-continental Hong Kong - Norfolk bike ride which continues mightily and has garnered vast charitable giving and moral support, raising over 8,000 GBP thus far for a Contessa Blood Cell Counter for the laboratory of Dr. Vincenzo Cerundolo adding to previous equipment purchases dedicated to cancer immunity research at the hospital Harry Mahon received much superb treatment at in the years up to his death.

Radley College and Pembroke, Oxford alum Alex Sants, on legal secondment to the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, has been running extraordinarily long distances in Jordan in preparation for the Jordan Ultra (JU) Marathon from the 7th-9th of September. The JU is 4 marathons, run over three days, through the Wadi Rum in Jordan. In doing so, Alex hopes to raise a minimum of £1500, to contribute towards a new PCR Machine: a thermal cycler that allows laboratory researchers to amplify sequences of DNA for deeper analysis (read below). Help Alex and donate now! Or download printable PDF forms for mail-in donations (UK and US only).