2015 marks the 14th anniversary of Harry's death but the desire to remember him continues as strongly as ever. In 2014 we achieved our target and bought a second Gentle Macs Cell Dissociator. This allow single cells to be dissociated from any infinitesimally small tumour samples. We also gave £1,250 to the PROSTATE PROJECT in Guildford for their Research Team since Paddy Montgomery (Radley Mariner) is teaming up with his Durham roommate to tackle the World's toughest Triathlon to raise money for that cause.

2015 started with a bang with a very generous donation from a person who remembers Harry with great affection and so we are well on our way to raising our £9,000 target for a Fluorescent Cell Imaging Station. We already have £5,350 so there is only £3,650 to go.

Every day there is more news of Cancer Breakthroughs. I can remember Enzo telling me 10 years ago that they had discovered nearly all the genes connected with cancer and now there is real progress in the complicated field of fooling cancers which makes more sense to me now than it did 5 years ago when Enzo was telling me what they were working on. Enzo and his team continue to be amazed and delighted that such a small charity in memory of a great coach can continue to raise money each year for their labs. HMCRT has now topped the £100,000 mark thanks to your astonishing generosity.