Nick Norgate, having also decided to train in the desert in the Emirates recently completed the Cork Marathon

And via Gift Aid raised over £2,700 in what he called "by far in a way the most rewarding piece of exercise [he had] ever done" - Thanks Nick!

And, Trustee Donald Legget raised over £4,000 from donations to HMCRT from generous parents of the Radley 1st 8 at Henley and other Radley supporters this summer, everyone enjoying the atmosphere of the Steward's Enclosure thanks to Donald's kind introductions and hospitality.

All combined, the immediate use £3,000 of these funds has been directed to a WorkStation upgrade for Professor Cerundolo's labratory FACS Canto machine, previously purchased by the HMCRT. Professor Cerundolo notes "This is an essential piece of equipment, which allows them to monitor the frequency of tumour specific cells in the blood of cancer patients".

Secondly his laboratory will purchase a new PCR machine - this machine allows them to amplify specific DNA sequences to study the genetic profiling of tumour cells. These machines cost ~£10,000 to buy Professor Cerundolo will use the £4,000+ HMCRT have immediately available in one of our part-funding schemes with his Department.

Most recently, Jamie Hewitson's and Cameron Duncan's own fundraising efforts could allow the Trust to potentially raise in excess of £20,000 in 2011! A huge thank you to you ALL! Harry would have been most satisfied at this result!