On December 6, ROKEBY SCHOOL, a preparatory school in Kingston-on-Thames, will be selecting HMCRT as it's annual charity contribution thanks to the support of Dan McSherry (Goldie 2000), a current Rokeby teacher and former Harry disciple. The target is to raise enough money to buy a Zeiss Primo Vert inverted microscope with binocular tube for transmitted-light brightfield and phase contrast. 

The cost of this is £2,800 and once again it is cutting-edge technology. Thank you so much in advance Pupils and Parents of Rokeby School. I see that the majority of Rokeby Boys go on to KCS. Harry Mahon lived in the KCS Boathouse Flat for several years, helped coach the rowing there and you will see the Cambridge crews boat out of the KCS Boathouse at Putney every Boat Race day. Hopefully Theo Brun, a contemporary of Dan McSherry, will be coming to speak at The ROKEBY ASSEMBLY on JANUARY 16th, 2013 and will be available to speak to a smaller group after that. See his exciting Website at Please read tributes to Harry Mahon posted after his death from bowel and liver Cancer to understand just why so much money has been raised by his friends in his memory and please Donate.